Instagram account proven results1 min read

Instagram account PROVEN results

Below you can see my screenshots of some of my posts for my Instagram account.

instagram account

55,292 accounts REACHED from this post alone, and almost 23,000 IMPRESSIONS only from HASHTAGS.


45,362 accounts REACHED from the post above, and 29,157 IMPRESSIONS only from HASHTAGS.


18,298 accounts REACHEDon this one, and 11,034 IMPRESSIONS only from HASHTAGS.


And I got 27,516 accounts REACHED from the post above, 22,693 IMPRESSIONS only from HASHTAGS.

I challenge everyone sharing these numbers to see how their posts perform.

Those are the results I got after months of trial and errors.

Now you have a clear understanding of how I reach the audience ORGANICALLY.

Here is my Instagram account if you want to take a look into it.

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