Instagram likes for free: good or bad?

Instagram likes for free

Instagram likes for free: does it benefit you, or it’s going to penalize your account?

Over the past 6-8 months, I conducted a lot of research (still doing it every day), to test how Instagram algorithm really works.

In the last year, Instagram’s new algorithm reward engagement, and is considered the most important metric to determine a post’s popularity.

What does it mean? In simple terms, it means that the more likes and comments your posts get, the more algorithm pushes that post on top of hashtags pages.

If we stop here, we understand that getting Instagram likes for free on our posts should be an advantage over others.

What do I mean for getting Instagram likes for free? I mean downloading and subscribing to networks where you like other people’s post in exchange for getting likes on yours.

Below, I will illustrate why getting Instagram likes for free is a good idea, and why it’s a bad idea.

Why getting Instagram likes for free is a GOOD idea.

If your post gets a ton of likes, it’ll have a higher chance of competing and reaching the top position on hashtags. It’ll even show on Instagram’s Explore page.

Who would ever evaluate the quality of your likes anyway?

It is a good idea if you are building your account in the early stages. When you are trying to grow your account, each like counts. Even the ones you get from people that are not interested in your topic and content.

Instagram likes for free is a good idea if you need a quick boost on your post, but you shouldn’t abuse from it.

WORDS OF ADVICE: do not try to boost your posts with too many likes at once. You need to show that your posts get likes in an organic way.

For example, let’s say you get on average between 30 and 60 likes in your last 10 posts. Then suddenly, on your next post, you get 400 likes. This can be suspicious.

Keep in mind the average like-to-follower ratio.

Instagram likes for free

The image above shows the stats about the like-to-follower ratio.

If you have 100 followers and you get 400 likes on your posts, it is not considered natural. However, there are exceptions especially if you use the right hashtag strategy, or you have set up an ads campaign.

Therefore, you need to carefully think about getting in these networks to get Instagram likes for free.

Why getting Instagram likes for free is a BAD idea.

Now let’s discuss why getting Instagram likes for free is a bad idea.

We got to talk about our friend algorithm here.

What does it do when he analyses our post engagement?

The answer is that he evaluates if the likes are coming from your followers, or from people that don’t interact with you.

It may sound strange, but this is what the algorithm does when it decides to reward or penalize your posts.

Instagram algorithm rewards posts with likes received from your followers, rather than posts with likes received by unknown accounts.

WORDS OF ADVICE: If you are serious about your Instagram account, STAY AWAY from those networks. You need an organic and high-quality account to attract potential brands looking to partner with you.

It is not a sustainable marketing strategy: your long-term goals should be based on creating deep, meaningful relationships with your audience. In exchange, you will have an audience that is real-life customers, and your reputation will remain intact and genuine.

Therefore, I DO NOT RECOMMEND getting involved with like exchange networks that promise you to get Instagram likes for free.


When you look at posts with thousands of likes, it gives a false sense of popularity.

Yes, there are tons of legitimate posts out there.

However, there are also a huge amount of boosted posts with likes from exchange networks, likes coming from bots accounts.

Worst are likes coming from paid online services, that delivers you likes from unknown sources.

Algorithm notices that you are faking the system. First, Instagram might deactivate your account if they suspect you are not using ethical methods.

Since 2014, Instagram has been hunting for and deactivating millions of fake accounts.

Not using honest methods is against Instagram’s Community Guidelines. The platform is intended to remain a place for authentic connections.

Have you ever used network exchanges to get Instagram likes for free? Let me know in the comments below your experience.