Instagram trends for 2019: 8 ways to lead the pack

instagram trends

I have identified 8 Instagram trends for 2019 that you should follow.

Instagram has made huge steps in 2018 for both personal accounts and companies. You can shop via Instagram, enter into partnerships and easily generate a huge range. Although so much has happened in 2018, I am convinced that this will only continue very hard in 2019. As a company you can not really stay behind, so I tell you in this blog, all ins and outs for 2019. Get ready!

1. Vertical video

“Not filming vertically!” A sentence that I have heard and called very often, how annoying is it when you want to edit the images after a cool event, and you do not get any further because half of the videos have been filmed vertically. So nothing at all, or the moment you filmed a special event and put it on Facebook Betting that people only react with: “Turn that camera!” Fortunately, this problem is over with the arrival of Instagram TV.

“Vertical video is still in its infancy” 

Vertical video is still in its infancy, and many Instagrammers and companies do not know how to deal with it yet. The year 2019 will therefore mainly focus on vertical video. Now is the time to learn how to deal with this so that you are completely ready to bang in 2019 with this new way of making content.

vertical video

Two handy apps that allow you to edit vertical videos are InShot and Bolt. These apps give you the possibility to edit in 16: 9, especially suitable for Instagram and super easy to use.

2. AR filters on Instagram

A big theme at last year’s Facebook F8 Conference was the focus on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Two concepts that for the time being sounds very futuristic for many people. But actually, you also use an AR form yourself when you use the Instagram filters. For designers, influencers and companies it is possible to develop their own custom-made Instagram filters through the Facebook AR studio, which is similar to the Snapchat Lens Studio.

ar filters

Maybe you’ve already seen it over because celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner have already used this feature. Given the popularity of Instagram (and Instagram Stories), it may be more interesting for companies to create filters for Instagram instead of Snapchat in 2019.

As soon as friends use such a filter, this will be placed at the top of the corner, which will also give you the opportunity to make use of this function. Actually, you can say that Instagram filters have been developed to go viral.

3. On vacation for Instagram

All those nice snapshots on Instagram where many people gape every day are of course not the rule but more often an exception. There are only a few lucky ones who really are in that world, but even then I wonder how “relaxed” that life is real. Yet it works. The photos are often seen and liked. It is therefore not surprising that big brands such as Benefit, Garnier and Malibu choose to take influencers on a trip to a great place.

on vacation

The brands often choose influencers with a good IPM (Interaction per Thousand Followers). This is a sum of the number of ‘loves’ and comments from your Instagram posts divided by the number of followers and posts from the last thirty days. Companies can see whether the account has loyal followers who make a good impression of this score. These types of followers are often more willing to accept clothing, shoes or make-up tips from the influencer. An ideal IPM on Instagram is 20+.

“Loyal followers are more willing to accept advices from influencers”

be loyal to your fans

Before you go into the sea with an influencer, it is of course very important to find out which influencer fits well with your company or organization. Right influencers will also guarantee this themselves and not just enter into a collaboration with everyone. They want to be objectively found by the followers. That is extremely important.

If you want to start influencer marketing for your company, there are two ways you can do this. You can research yourself on Instagram to see which influencer may suit your brand or company, but you can also use influencer agencies. These types of agencies offer assistance in finding the best match and taking care of the entire process. In addition, you will also find tips and tricks on this website that you should pay attention to.

4. Check the influencer

Apart from the fact that it is important whether the influencer you are looking for really suits you, a good fact-check is also important. Nowadays there are more and more ‘fake influencers.’ You could also call them wannabe influencers. Without companies being aware, it is possible that the influencer they pay money or give free products actually has no big reach because all followers and likes are bought. Fortunately, there are several ways to find out if an influencer has really loyal followers. So you can easily do an IPM check. If the IPM (at Instagram) is higher than 20, you are already reasonably well.


“Hype Auditor checks follower flow”

Do you want to go deeper into the facts? Then you can also use the website This website shows important data such as the follower flow. Have there been 500 or more followers in one day or are the followers mainly from Asia? Then it is wise to continue looking for another influencer or to confront the influencer in question. The chances are that your chosen influencer is not completely fluffed.

5. Instagram Shopping

In the past year Instagram has rolled out the Shopping function and it does not look like this will be less. Yet it has not yet been adopted by all online stores, and there are still many successes to be made. This Instagram trend should pick up the pace during 2019.

instagram shopping

Mindful of the Credo “Do not make me think” by Steven Krug, it is also very important for the shop experience that the consumer can get to your products without too many actions. Precisely because it is not possible to place a URL in the caption with Instagram, the possibility to add shopping tags in the image is a huge solution. Do you have an online store? Do not wait too long and make sure that your products are for sale via Instagram Shopping.

6. Instagram Stories Ads

I already talked about Instagram ads in this article. With the advent of Instagram Stories, it has become very easy for the user to consume content even faster. Via Stories you can keep track of what your friends are doing, where famous people hang out and whether your favorite store has added new products to the assortment.

instagram stories ads

The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) means that users are more inclined to view the Stories than to take time to scroll through the feed. Research has shown that a large part of story-viewers do not even realize that an advertisement appears every 3 to 4 stories. That is why it is very important that your Story Ads fit as well as possible within the segment of your target group. 2019 Instagram trends include stories ads because are the quickest way to get in front of your followers.

7. Use micro influencers

In this blog, you will find in-depth ideas about the influencer and how important they can be for a (startup) company. An influencer often has a wide range of loyal followers. Yet the range is not always the information you should look at. The mega influencers have an incredibly broad reach and get a lot of likes and reactions. Yet these followers are not as loyal as those of a micro-influencer. Micro-influencers with about 7,000 to 10,000 followers do their best to come across as the best friend of their followers.

instagram trends

They respond to questions and sometimes even like the photos of their followers. So before you want to work with an influencer, think of your goal: reach or real sales. Instagram trends for 2019 suggests that companies are shifting to micro influencers. They are less expensive but have high engagement with loyal fans.

8. Planning software

With the arrival of Auto Publish in 2018, it has become unwise for Instagram to plan content ahead. A suitable online tool for this is Apart from the fact that this tool gives you the possibility to plan thirty posts per month for free, the software also shows you the best placement moments (provided you have posted at least 50 posts), gives you insights into the analytics and you can comment on comments in one handy overview. You save a lot of time with that, and that is what we ultimately want.

“Auto Publish makes Instagram much more user-friendly for companies”

Wow, enough work on the store if you ask me. Keep track of those Instagram trends I explained above.

What do you want to bet on or what do you think will absolutely not continue? One thing is sure that Instagram will dominate the scene across social media again this year.