Instagram for business in 2019 – BEST STRATEGIES

Instagram marketing

Are you looking for the best strategies to use Instagram for business in 2019?

In recent times, the use of Instagram for business has become one of the most used social networks, not only for personal profiles but as an indispensable tool for marketing.

It is an excellent window to connect with customers (or prospects) in a more personal way and to have a greater reach at a low cost since the active number of users is increasing in this social network. That is why it is very important to know about the tools of this platform that can boost your Instagram marketing business in 2k19.

In its beginnings, Instagram had the function of sharing photographs with short captions or epigraphs to go with the image. Since this network allowed the creation of business profiles in 2016 for the first time, after that with each updated of the app, it reveals more and better marketing tools that enable companies to become more familiar and increase their number of followers and sales.

Next, we will show you the tools that can not be missing in your marketing strategy for 2019 and how to apply Inbound marketing with them.

Instagram marketing on IGTV

Instagram marketing

This incredible feature allows you to upload videos that are longer than those that can be uploaded to a story or feed. The length of the IGTV videos can be up to an hour. IGTV starts playing in the second the app is opened as if it were a real television.

The videos are saved in the profile of one, along with the featured stories, available for any user to see. Also, people can find the video in the section you discover, if the content matches your interests.


They are photos or videos that last 24 hours. It is possible to add stickers, which can be illustration or interaction, such as polls, questions to followers, emoji slides and more! This tool is perfect for announcing short promotions.

The stories have very high levels of interaction and are one of the functions most used by the Instagram audience. According to Marketing Land between 15-25% of people who watch IG Stories with links, they will open it.

But we must bear in mind that, since the stories occupy the whole screen, while the users are watching it, their attention will be focused only on it.

Although the stories last only 24 hours, Instagram allows to fix them in the profile. Anytime a user visits your account you can view them. Featured stories are useful for publishing information in a more dynamic way than writing a simple text in the biography.

Let your imagination fly with this wonderful tool and be creative to attract more people in a unique way.

Instagram shopping

Instagram marketing

This is one of the most recent Instagram marketing tools. By launching the business tools in 2016, it had made it easier for entrepreneurs to upload photos of their products and put their link in their profile. But with this tool, the application took e-commerce to another level.

Instagram shopping is a purchase function through Instagram posts, now also available in stories. When you upload a photo of your product, you can put a label with the price. Users will be redirected to a page to make the purchase by clicking on the label.

It makes it easier for users to make a purchase decision by having prices at hand. It is highly recommended to take advantage of the function if your prices are competitive.


Instagram marketing

Do you want to know the performance of your content? Instagram gives you all the statistics of your account.

By putting the profile in business mode, it is possible to analyze the performance statistics of the account in three different categories: activity, content, and audience.

The interactions of your audience appear in activity, which are the actions made by the people in your account. It also shows the discovery, which includes the numbers of how many people see the content and where they find it.

The content shows the performance of each particular publication. It is important to pay attention to these numbers, because they indicate the contents that your followers like the most, therefore they are a great sign to know what to post next.

Finally, the public category allows you to meet your audience. It shows your age range, the main places where they live, their sex and in what hours they are most active on Instagram. These demographic data must also be taken into account when assembling publications.

Although all metrics are important for Instagram marketing, there are some others that you have to pay more attention to.


Instagram marketing

Since September 2015, IG allows the publication of promoted content. In its beginnings, it was not such an exploited function, because the companies to be able to make free publications did not invest in this. Nowadays content abounds, and there is more and more competition. That is why it is convenient to allocate some money to promote publications and Stories.

It is possible to segment the target audience and determine the number of people you want to reach and how much money you should spend on that. Compared to other advertising channels, the costs on Instagram are low.

This is just one way to get more followers on Instagram which over time will help you build a more potential customer base for your business.

Another advantage of content advertising is that it will not only attract people but also attract the right people. This function of Instagram uses algorithms to show publications to users who have interests related to them.

You can learn more about Instagram ads here.

Instagram marketing

We must remember that the three main steps of Instagram marketing are: attract, interact and delight. To do 100% inbound on Instagram you need to apply these three steps. You can do it in the following way:


To attract Instagram users to our account, we can use the advertising tool. The user can see a brand advertisement on their timeline or in their stories. The most important thing here is to have good content to offer. Since Instagram is a visual social network, the content offer must be given by the image. The best advice is to post good quality images that are aesthetically pleasing.

Good practice for Instagram is to have the whole profile using analog colors or monochromatic tones. These can be clear or dark, but the important thing is that the profile has a visual harmony. For that, each individual photo must have in some measure the requested color besides being attractive by itself.


To connect with your followers, you can give slogans in the epigraphs and invite them to leave comments. Stories are the best tool for this as it is what users most use in this social network. You can use the stickers as surveys or questions. People like to participate through these practices they will be more motivated to interact with the company. It is important that the user feels that he is part of the brand.


Delight potential customers are not only essential to complete the purchase, but also to recommend the product or service. In IG you must respond quickly and provide the information to whoever asks for it. If the user asks about the availability of a product or the cost of a service, it is not advisable to respond with a redirect to another place; instead, they must be provided with the information. It is good if you can add a reference link to expand, but it is important to answer the question immediately what they are asking for.

In conclusion, Instagram, as a social network, strengthens the reach in a large percentage. Although it is very easy to get carried away by this network and make many publications just to have an active profile, we must not forget that the focus of Inbound marketing is the client. If we have well-defined goals in our Marketing strategy, then this application with all its tools for business profiles will be of great help.

Instagram marketing is one of the pillars of every business. You must dedicate time and money if you want to be successful with your venture.